Dutar sounds

Moscow International festival of arts named after Nury Halmamedov

project of Mamed Guseynov

Mission of project

When we talk about the culture of the people, we mean scientists, poets, writers, musicians, composers, artists, artists, Directors – the color of the nation, who create this culture.

Since 2015, Moscow has hosted a unique festival "Sounds of dutar" named after Nura Halmamedov, which promotes the popularization of national cultures.

The festival is dedicated to the current topic-the interpenetration of cultures, where music has become the link. But at the same time-this is national music, reflected in the composer's work. The festival has an educational orientation. Here people get acquainted with the work of composers from different countries. Hence, the goal of the festival is international communication, which makes it possible for musicians to collaborate, allows you to see the synthesis of ethnic and academic arts in modern times, and the integration of professional national music into the Treasury of world musical culture. All this has a great impact on the unity of society. The festival also annually hosts music competitions for performers of various specialties, scientific and practical conferences, and art exhibitions.

The choice of the festival venue in Russia, and in particular in Moscow, is not accidental. This city played a crucial role in the life of many national composers. Thus, the Moscow Conservatory trained the founders of national musical cultures from many former Soviet republics. It was here that the student years of the outstanding Turkmen composer, People's artist of Turkmenistan, winner of the state prize of the USSR, the state prize of Turkmenistan named after Makhtumkuli – Nura Halmamedov (1938 – 1983) were spent. One of the most significant events in the composer's work is the creation of the piano opus "Sounds of dutar" in the Moscow Conservatory, dedicated to the Turkmen performer on the national instrument dutar – Molla Tachmuradov. Playing the dutar created the melodic, fret and rhythmic foundations of the Turkmen national musical art.

Thus, the Moscow international festival "Sounds of dutar" named after Nura Halmamedov is a striking example of the interpenetration of European–academic and national–ethnic musical traditions. Nuri Halmamedov is a striking example of a composer who was able to embody the moral ideal of the people, their spiritual values and raise the Turkmen folk music to the heights of world culture. In his person, Turkmenistan has found its Orpheus.