Dutar sounds

Moscow International festival of arts named after Nury Halmamedov

project of Mamed Guseynov



Guseynov Mamed Composer, Artistic Director and Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Moscow international festival of arts "Sounds of dutar» named after Nury Halmamedov

Kosiborod Olga. Artistic Director and conductor of the women's "Hoffman choir", Honorary worker of culture of the city of Moscow, associate Professor of MSPU, Director of the center for cultural programs "Crystal chapel»

Morozova Olga. Singer, Professor of the Department of music and performing arts in education of the Music faculty Of the Institute of fine arts of MPSU.

Lisitsian Ruben. Soviet, Russian and Armenian singer, vocal teacher. Honored artist of the Russian Federation, Professor

Nepesov Rovshen. composer and conductor, Honored artist of Turkmenistan

Sushkov Vladimir. A graduate of the Moscow state Tchaikovsky Conservatory, soloist of the Lipetsk state Philharmonic, winner of international competitions

Tuyliyev Suhan. composer, senior teacher of the Turkmen national Conservatory

Tuyliyeva Maya. Director of Piano Academy of Kansas City, USA

Shubina Irina. Associate Professor of the Department of music and performing arts in education, faculty of Music, Institute of fine arts, MPSU